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Everything You’ll need

Our shared hosting plans have everything a small business site owner will need - from soup to nuts..


Off-server, regular, backups are made so you can rest easy knowing that files/installations can be rolled back to a previous version in the event of data corruption, loss, etc - all without additional charge.

Free SSL

Every website can be protected via SSL, so why not enjoy a Comodo SSL certificate with your account? We provide one free so you can secure your domain hosted with Gnome.

Convenience Softaculous

400+ scripts are available at the click of a mouse thanks to the included Softaculous one-click installer. It's free with our shared hosting plans (but often costs extra elsewhere).

Control Panel - cPanel

cPanel comes standard - we don't charge you extra - it's not an option - because who wants their shared hosting naked without a control panel?

Security - Imunify360

Included with your shared hosting is Imunify360, the automated security solution which is designed to protect your website from attacks, malware and much more. Again, we include it free of charge, because it's important.

Performance - LiteSpeed + LSCache

Performance matters. It impacts the user experience, can limit sales conversions, has a massive impact on search engine optimization and should be a concern when you host. That's why we use LiteSpeed and LSCache for a killer one two performance punch. Normally an add-on expense, we included at no additional charge.

Convenience Migrations

Getting your domains, emails, databases, images and files moved from one host to another can be a royal pain. At GnomeIT, we remove that pain by handling the migrations for you. Quick, easy and with a minimum of downtime - for FREE.

Other Options?

We've got higher spec VPS servers, dedicated servers, cloud hosting with more domains, or any custom configuration you may want!

Reseller Hosting

Cloud-based high-performance reseller hosting plans at a great price..

Managed VPS

For outstanding performance and features, this ultra high-performance hosting is amazing..

Cloud VPS

When you need more power than a VPS can possibly offer - these are beasts.

SSL Certificates

Get your choice from a wide selection of providers and types.

Premium Everything - Especially Support

In all our hosting plans we only use premium networking and premium server hardware components in building a world-class hosting portfolio, available in 4 different global datacenters. Our support staff are experts - guaranteed..

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